After Death Communications:
5 Amazing Ways Our Loved Ones in Heaven Say Hello

After death communications are the little (and amazing) ways that our loved ones in heaven let us know that their spirit is still around.  There are so many ways that those in spirit connect with us, but today, we're going to focus on some common signs:

  • How will I know when my mom is around - what signs should I look for?
  • A picture was moved in my house - did my sister move it?

These are common questions I get asked working as a spiritual medium. 

The answer is that there are many ways that after death communications take place.  I've heard of everything from objects being moved to text messages being manipulated.  It never ceases to amaze me what our loved ones will do to show us that they are still a part of our lives!

One piece of advice:  A lot of people miss signs from above because they over analyze the situation or say things such as that couldn't be dad or, it was probably just my imagination.

If you're feeling that a sign is from your loved one, it probably is. Just enjoy it and smile!

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Our loved ones in heaven love to let us know that they're around.  One of the most common forms of after death communications that spirits use is manipulating electronics.

They can really get our attention doing this!   

Anything electrical can be manipulated, but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Television set - turned on, off, or changed channel
  • Lights - flickered, or turned off or on
  • Alarm clock - going off when it wasn't set
  • Radio - changing stations, turning off or on

In my house, our hard wired smoke detectors go off for no reason.  It makes my husband a little nervous, but I don't mind because I know it's probably just my grandfather.  My husband used to love to play pranks on my grandfather when he was living, so I tease him that this is how he's getting back at him!

Nature, Symbols and Signs

This is a type of after death communications that I hear of very often.  Because it's so personal, it's one of my favorite ways that our loved ones in heaven connect with us. 

Signs & Symbols

Frequently, after the death of a loved one, the family will receive signs from heaven such as this:

When my grandfather passed away, the number 11 seemed to be everywhere. 

  • When I received the call that he had passed away, it was 11:11.  
  • The evening of my grandfather's wake, my brother bought a lottery ticket and won.  The winning number was 11.
  • After the funeral, our family got together for breakfast.  My uncle used the coat-check service at the restaurant.  He was given a ticket so he could retrieve it later... the number on it was 11.
  • Going through his belongings, we discovered that 11 was a significant number for my grandfather when he was in the military.  We were shocked, because prior to his death, we didn't know this.


Those in spirit can also send us their favorite bird or flower.  My friend's father loved blue jays.  When she is thinking of her dad, she often sees them in her yard.

When you see a bird or small animal around that is meaningful to you, they are often sent by your loved one.  (I just want to mention that your loved one does not turn into a bird, they send the birds to you.  I've been asked about that a few times, so wanted to mention it.)

The Mysterious Blue Flower

During one reading, a young man in spirit made reference to giving his aunt a flower.  I passed the message to my client. "Oh my, that makes sense!" she said.

Turns out a beautiful blue flower had appeared in her garden.  It was the only one of it's kind, and she had never planted it!  Now she knew that it was sent by her nephew as a thank you from the other side!

Pennies from Heaven

Ever found a penny and wondered how the heck it got there?  It may have been a gift from the other side!

Pennies from heaven are a quick and easy way that our loved ones in spirit let us know they're thinking of us.  It's their way of saying 'hello' and letting you know that they are around.

If you find one, take a look the date on the penny to see if it has any significance.  After my grandfather passed, I found three pennies in my living room - they were all from the year I was born!  Coincidence?  I think not.

Dear Gramps, 

We found the pennies from heaven that you sent.  We are so happy that you're watching over us! 

However, we're dealing with inflation here on the earth plane, so try to send hundred dollar bills instead. 

Love & Miss You,


Ringing the Doorbell

Doorbell ringing is another form of after death communications. 

Many people have reported their doorbell mysteriously ringing after they've lost a loved one.  When they get to the door to open it, there's no one there.  When this happens, it's usually shortly after the death of a loved one.


Have you ever been thinking of a loved one in heaven and then heard one of their favorite songs on the radio?  This can be another form of after death communications.

Sometimes, we can even hear music when no one is around!   This happened to my dad after my grandmother passed away.  He heard the most beautiful, angelic music!

This happened to me recently as well.  While helping my mom with her spring cleaning, we stumbled upon some jewelry that my grandmother gave her before she passed away (my dad's mom, same grandma I was just referring to). 

Since this was my dad's mom, and my parents are now divorced, my mother gave the jewelry to me.  For the next couple of days, there was a lot of spirit activity at my house. 

During that time, I had an appointment for massage therapy.  I was telling my massage therapist the story when we both started hearing music!  It was a warm, rainy day, and there was no one in the entire building except for Susan and me.  She looked at me and said, "Do you hear that music?"  I said, "Yep, it must be my grandma!"  It was as if there was a radio right in the room with us playing very soft classical music.

It's amazing what our family and friends in spirit can do (even our animal friends!).  When these after death communications take place, enjoy them!  As I was writing that little section about my grandmother, the printer in the other room came on all by itself!  Hi grandma!  :)

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